A Fun Ride Dreamtime Style

by Jessica
(South Africa)

Dreamtime and I - The Match Made in Horsy Heaven

Dreamtime and I – The Match Made in Horsy Heaven

I recently started riding my friend’s mother’s 17 year old, black leopard spotted, 15.2 hand, Appaloosa/Arabian gelding named Dreamtime. Dreamtime is an absolutely awesome horse, he is very well schooled and has a soft, gentle mouth. But becaiuse he’s half Arabian he’s far from boring. Dreamtime has the Appaloosa’s unusual colouring, relibiable temperment, smooth gaits and endurance along with the Arabian’s speed, beauty, fast acceleration and spiritedness.

On this day I was riding him for the 2nd time with my friends, Claire and Emily. Claire was riding her 22 year old, chestnut, 14.2 hand, Welsh Cob/Thoroughbred/Boerperd gelding named Beetle and Emily was mounted on Tinker, her 15 year old, 12 hand, strawberry roan, Welsh Mountain Pony/Shetland Pony gelding.

The weather was perfect for riding. It was warm and sunny with no wind except a small, cool breeze. The arena was full of nice, perfect-for-riding-on sand and the horses were all being well behaved and responsive (except for Tinker – he never is!).

I was throughly enjoying myself. Dreamtime was on the bit and going well, his legs moving as perfectly as an Grand Prix horse and his ears were focused back, listening for any sound of my voice. I warmed him up for 10 minutes at a walk and then 10 minutes at a trot before moving on to a canter.

When I was sure that Dreamy was warm I took him around the arena at a trot and at “M” I asked him for a canter. Dreamtime responded instantaneously without any hesitation as soon as I gave the aid. We cantered around the arena twice before slowing and then after a 1 minute rest we did it again and again on different leads.

After cantering randomly for about 20 minutes I felt confident enough to go for a slow gallop up one side of the arena. Once again Dreamy, the Wonder Horse, responded immediately and we took a slow gallop for a few seconds before slowing down.

While we cooled the horses off, Emily took some pictures of me on Dreamtime. I’ve uploaded one of them. I had a brillant time riding Dreamtime with my friends. It may not have sounded like the most excting or thrilling ride but I loved it. Next time I’m going to take Dreamtime up to top speed! I can’t wait!

~ Jessica

Thank you for your exciting story!

Jessica is a very engaged young lady with horse-sense who publishes an own website on www.learn-about-horses.com.
Ellen (admin)


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