A Virtual Horse AVH

by Kaylin
(Parker, Colorado, USA)

I know most people like to play horse role playing games, but although AVH is a sim game, you could play it for years without getting bored!

You can create an account, and activate it. Once your account is activated, you can go to the blacksmith, the mail box, and lots of other places you can’t go without activating your account!
You start at level one, and you can go to the Market to buy your first horse.
You can choose from many breeds and colors. You can choose from different genders (stallion, mare, gelding) and how old or young you want him/her to be, and what level.

As you advance through the levels, you will be able to do more things.
At level 7 you can breed horses, at level 8 you can own a shop, at level 10 you can have a training barn….
At level 30 you can have a ranch.

Enter you horses in shows to make them gain levels, as your horse MUST be 3 years old and level 5 to breed. Stallions cannot breed to their mare offspring, but a mare’s stallion offspring can breed to her.

Find friends, breed horses together and send each other letters! According to your level, you can only have a specific amount of horses, (Example: If you’re level 27, you can only have 16 horses) but foals don’t count.

My player is level 32 and she has 68 horses! And it’s all because of the foals.

If you decide to join, go the ‘Find’ and click ‘Players’ (only if you want to!) Then put HorsesAlways in the finding box. If there is more than one, mine is the one with the puppy in the box -hehe!- Click on that and it’ll take you to my home page. Click on ‘View horses’ and you can see all the horses I have. This might take a little while to read, but here are the horses I have -yuri, Nutmeg, Star, Ginger, Amber, Runaway, Star Shower on a Dark Night, Swiasha, Soncha, Patch, Summer Assault, Dark Knight, Midnight Dreams, Beauty, Messing With Spots, Remedy Amber, Credon, Dancing Snowflakes, Tritan, Midnight Stalker, Raining Raindrop, Darkness All Over, Swintania, Hornet, Burn to Flames, Haunting Nightmare, Painted Legacy, Moon Phantom, Melody, Speckled Frost, At Winter’s Best, Heart’s Desire, Painted Splash, Runaway Star Shower, Numinor, Danger’s Threat, Demeaning Exile, Dweller, Shadow, Trooper, Warrior, Infatallics, Sunshine, Minics, Destiny, Renegade, Fatallic Wars, Taking Chances, Snow Snip Joe, Moon Walker, Fading Away, Midnight’s Legacy, Ablaze, Sori Glory, Trick, Thinking ‘Bout You, Thunder in the Mountains, Minature Spots, Dark Star, Freak Train, Flazy Flax, Snowshine, Blazing Socks, Freakin’ Out Here, Thudding Thunder, Cream Peach. As you can see, I don’t choose ‘Everyday Names’, such as Runner, Star, Tiny, Baby, etc, instead I like interesting names.

I hope you all enjoy the game :DD

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A Virtual Horse (AVH)

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Oct 15, 2012
by: horselover101

i have been on AVH for a month and i can tell you all about it and here is were it starts so i had about 12 acounts 1 after 1 they keep getting banned and the person who runs it Pirate Priness she just banneds you and my friends who play it got banned too so what i am trying to say is dont play it

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