A Winter Wedding

A Winter Wedding Is Not As Unusual As You Might Think!

In former times a winter wedding was not unusual:

Winter was the time for family events! Why?

Well, in most rural areas everybody was still making a living with farming and in spring, summer and fall they simply did not have the time. They have been busy working hard on their farms or small holdings.

Also usually late October, November and December have been the months were pigs or cattle were slaughtered, so there was plenty of fresh meat and food at this time of the year — perfect for an event like a wedding!

Although winter can be cold and nature does not “wear” the nicest colored “flower dress”, a winter wedding is something special!

Imagine to arrive in style with a horse drawn wedding sled or a wedding carriage!

They can be hired for the day and you can choose if you would like to arrive at or leave from the locality of your wedding directly into your honeymoon…


There are different horse drawn vehicles available for this special event. Have a look on a few of them here.

If you live in a snow-secure area, definitely go for a sled. This is something different, but not everywhere are good enough snow conditions for a sleigh ride.

Horse drawn sledges are usually open vehicles drawn by one or two horses.

They come in different styles and the probably most elegant style is the Albany sleigh. It exists also as a two-seater which makes an ideal vehicle for a wedding: bride and groom seated in the back seat, the driver sitting on the front seat. See here for different sleigh designs.

A rather unusual design for a sleigh in Europe and America is a troika-sleigh, a traditional Russian sleigh, drawn by a team of three horses.

This certainly will be an eye-catcher for your winter wedding!

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